Organ Scholar Profile

Jordan Wong (third-year Classics student):

The organ scholarship at Jesus is quite unique as you get to work with both the College choir (Mixed) and the Chapel choir (which consists of the men and choristers). Because of that we could be immersed in a great depth and breadth of repertoire, to which our Hudleston organ is very suitable; a baroque plenum sounds just as good as a sonorous romantic sound. It is always quite an exciting privilege when we get to use all three wonderful organs in a single evensong at the oldest college chapel in Cambridge. Tours are always highlights of our time in the Choir, in my first year alone we went to France, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Switzerland! As a Classics student, I like the split between studying my subject and doing something I enjoy, both at a high level; and the environment and people at Jesus make it even greater an experience! The Choir forms a close community with people who share similar interests, which is really comforting.